Here are some examples of recent and past projects, to give you a flavour of what WFTT do.

Selsey Haven; Client Manhood Peninsula Partnership

Research to identify capital funding options, both public and private sector.  Involved interviews with marina operators to establish their investment preferences

Billingshurst EYE Youth Facility; Client – Billingshurst Community Partnership

Initial demand and feasibility study for a new youth facility including research with young people and their parents to identify need; audit of existing facilities and identifying funding options.  Subsequently revisited review to update and prepare evidence for funding bids

West Sussex Economic Strategy: Client – West Sussex County Council

Working with Nairne Ltd, consultation of a new economic development strategy for West Sussex.

RDPE LEADER Submission: Client – Sussex Downs and Low Weald Local Action Group

Working with the LAG to write a bid for LEADER funding. The work involved support to develop and co-ordinate the work of a Local Action Group (LAG) to drive and support the bid; consultation to gather views, priorities and project ideas; establishing an evidence base and writing the bid document. The bid was successful in securing £2.25M to fund rural economic and community development projects in the LAG area, and was one of the highest scoring bids submitted in the bidding round.

RDPE LEADER Business Plans: Clients -Sussex Downs and Low Weald Local Action Group (LAG) and Three Harbours and Coastal Plain LAG

Preparation of the Business Plans to guide delivery for the first two years of each LEADER programme. This involved close working with each LAG to define funding priorities, budgets, strategic and project approval processes.

Sustainable Services for Small Rural Towns: Clients – Billingshurst Community Partnership and Horsham District Community Partnership

A research study to investigate the demand and provision of services in rural areas, and understand the ways in which a small rural town functions as a service centre for its rural hinterland. The research involved a detailed study of service provision and use patterns in the Billingshurst (West Sussex) area, set in the context of national trends, funding options and best practice. Study outputs included a model for use in reviewing service function and sustainability in other small rural towns, and objectives and suggested actions to improve service use and provision in the study area, with recommendations for funding.

Programme and project evaluation: Client – NHS Employers

External evaluation of a number of communication projects and programmes over several years including Flu Fighter, Dry January, Learning for Life, Caremakers and ThinkFuture. (Working with Bang Communications Ltd)

Organisational Evaluation: Client – The Clock Tower Sanctuary

In-depth evaluation of services, systems and organisation for a Brighton charity which supports homeless young people, to inform their business planning and provide evidence to support future fundraising activity.

Evaluation Toolkit: Client – NHS Employers

Development of a ‘tool-kit’ to enable the organisation and project managers to build evaluation into their management practice.  This involved research of best-practice; working with NHSE Employers leadership team and project managers to understand needs and constraints; creation of the tool-kit elements; training of project managers to use the resource. (Working with Bang Communications Ltd)

Pre and Post Campaign Market Research: Client – Sanofi CHC

Pre and post campaign market research for various pharmaceutical products over several years including Dioralyte, Anthisan, Opticrom, Maalax. Testing of new product concepts through workshops, interviews and on-line engagement. (Working with Bang Communications Ltd)

Corporate Identity, Marketing and Communications Strategy: Various Clients –  Including NHS Employers; NHS Blood and Transplant; and University of Southampton

Research and stakeholder consultation to identify and test a values proposition; inform corporate identity and develop strategic marketing and communications strategies.  (Working with Bang Communications Ltd)

Stakeholder Engagement: Various Clients – including NHS Blood and Transplant; Her Majesty’s Inspectorate of Constabulary; World Energy Council

Securing, conducting, facilitating and reporting on interviews and workshops with a wide range of stakeholders; to test perceptions of the relevant organisations and their activities and market positioning and inform future activity and communications. (Working with Bang Communications Ltd)

User research to inform web-site content and design: Various clients – including Great Dixter House and Garden; HCPT, National College for School Leadership

Projects involving elements of user research to establish information needs; development of Information Architecture (IA) and content; testing responses to web content, information architecture and navigation using ‘wire-frames’; content and IA refinement; final content creation.  (Working with Bang Communications Ltd)

Literature Review – Research Phase: Client – Department for Work and Pensions

DWP needed to refine their suite of written communications to ensure they both delivered against statutory obligations to fully inform the public and were also clear, relevant and readable for service users.  Working with Bang Communications; research involving designing, commissioning and analysing large scale e-surveys; a telephone interview programme and series of focus groups.  Creation of new, streamlined suite of literature involving content management, content writing, and verification with service teams before publication.